Festival dates confirmed! Fri 17 – Sat 25 August

Thanks to: Emma Cheshire-Jones at ECJ Photography

… and we’re off! The festival dates are confirmed and it’s all systems go for the team.

We’ll be announcing more news as it happens, but in the meantime, put the dates in your diary and make sure to sign up for updates on the main website, on Facebook or Twitter (@monfestiv).

Grab your Monmouth Festival wristbands and help the festival raise funds!

The team have been busy negotiating with bands, sorting out lighting, staging, stalls, licences and all the many other things that go into making the festival happen.

There’ll be more news on their progress here soon – in the meantime, you can grab yourself a (or more than one) smart looking festival wristband. They’ll be available at an outlet near you SOON for the bargain price of £1, so please buy one – or buy many!

Find out why it’s so important that you help the festival survive.

Get involved: share your festival stories

Tis year’s we’re celebrating our 30th festival, so we’d like to involve YOU in sharing your stories about the festival. Can you remember the very first festival in 1983? Have any of its most famous performers ever made a surprise visit to your shop? Do you hae any ‘behind-the-scenes’ stories?  Do you travel each year from far away just to come to the festival?

You can share your stories/photos and get involved in the conversations, by leaving a comment on this blog, by emailing festivalmonmouth@gmail.com or by joining us on www.facebook.com/monmouthfestival or www.twitter.com/monfestiv (@monfestiv).

Download the press release announcement here.


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