What a night! Hell’s Bells & Toadstool

What a night last night was (Saturday) – as you’ll see from the pictures below, and video (see end of blog). Our compere/MC Paul Roberts (you may remember him way back from Sunshine Radio) will be blogging following each night so make sure to check in each day for the lo-down on the night’s happenings. Over to Paul …

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Photos from Paul Bond of Purabellezza Photography. See the Facebook page for more informal shots of the evening.

I love it when a plan comes together, but even more so when it doesn’t! Saturday night saw a slight change in the scheduled line up. Due to unforeseen circumstances Yes Sir Boss were unable to attend the main stage, but what the hell, Toadstool rocked the joint effortlessly with their mix of mainly self-composed tunes topped off with a few well performed covers thrown in to keep the crowd singing as well as moshing the night away.  For a last minute performance they made sure everyone in front and behind the stage was suitably hyped for the headline act.

The second night of the festival took off seamlessly where the first night finished. As with any event the normal teething problems had been ironed out in day one leaving the crew a chance to relax and enjoy the show on day two. From backstage I could tell we were in for a big night after DJ Jeff got everyone singing along to Bon Jovi in the intermission. A solid sign of a fun crowd.

if you’re an AC/DC fan and didn’t make Saturday night’s show then shame on you. Hells Bells truly owned the evening with fantastic renditions of the biggest tunes from the legendary rockers. Although I did wonder whether the lead singer had surgically removed some vocal chords to keep his voice high and tight! Certainly sounded that way, especially when he spoke for a sentence or two between songs. Either way who cares, we do what we have to do and if surgery is the answer to rocking the night away, I say so be it.

An awesome second night. Roll on Sunday for what is sure to be a truck load of swinging legs and flailing arms as we turn up the jive. Followed by a chorus of English man in New York when The Secret Police step forward.

Read Paul’s first night blog here.

Thanks to Stephen Mitchell for the video below.


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