A view from backstage – another manic Monday – Paul’s day 4 blog

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Photos thanks to Paul Bond of Purabellezza Photography. Video of Secret Police (Sunday night) below this blog, thanks to Stephen Mitchell. See the Facebook page for more informal shots of the evening.

Monday Monday, so good to me! After such a huge weekend and having so much fun on Sunday night I was seriously wondering whether I would make it to the stage on Monday, but music prevailed and by the time 7pm came around I could see we were heading towards another great night of music. For this fine Monday evening the theme was simple……..ROCK!

The original line up had 4 bands coming to the stage but with Toadstool playing for us last Saturday, the three remaining bands had a longer set time to fill which was a better solution than cramming another group into the schedule. To kick things off a band from Coleford and beyond, with the youngest musicians I’ve seen on the main stage this year. Young at heart and incredibly talented, we welcomed to the stage Pandemick. Great to see the drummer on lead vocals too, a rarity and certainly a tough job. It’s occasional, but when I do sit down to hit the skins I can’t even think in a straight line, let alone remember words in a sequential order and keep them in key. My hat comes off to the boys from Pandemick. A couple of years and they will be really owning their own sound. They ended their set with the Terminator theme which for me was the highlight of the night.

Second up, Between The Lines. Again a really young band but with a whole different kettle of fish on offering. Rock, folk, Funtime and even some occasional foreign vocals, although I couldn’t get to the front of stage quick enough to work out which language their lead was singing in for that tune. They welcomed a cameo singer who added a nice female touch to the otherwise all male crew and also got the whole audience singing along to their music. There were two words that defined the band for me, stage presence! They had stack loads and although they were young, they didn’t sound it.

Our headline for the night was The Words. A more mature band with some great songs under their belt. These guys knew how to rock the stage and with Monday night ever more pressing on the audiences watches, the band did a fantastic job at keeping the mood going. For not only did many of us normal folk work during the day, but we had to do it again tomorrow. The question is do we care how tired we are? Of course not, It’s just another manic Monday. With tantalising  Tuesday just round the corner.
And another goodie for you – The Secret Police performing on Sunday night:


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