A view from the Shoes – Bryn’s blog day 3

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Thanks to Steve Mitchell for the professional photos, and Bryn Williams, MC/compere, for the iphone pics. Check out Bryn’s videos at the end of the blog too.

“I’m in love with a Morris Dancer” … If anyone that was at The Fringe Stage at The Three Horse Shoes says they haven’t sung that in their head today, if not out loud; we think they’re fibbing !!

We started the night with Martin Vogwell giving a virtuouso performance. It’s an over-used phrase these days, but the only one that will do here is “Awesome”.  He brought   traditional songs to life with a modern day twist, giving anyone who wasn’t sure about Folk music a serious change of mind. We were delighted to have Emma Vogwell joining him on a few numbers with some lovely harmonies which was a real treat! – thank you Emma. Whether it was a treat for our audience or not isn’t for me to judge, but I was delighted Martin asked yours truly to join him on one of his own songs that we have performed a few times together in that past. For me at least, one of the festival highlights – thank you Martin.

Having had outstanding Folk Music grace the stage, “Folk-Comedy” took over in the form of the one and only Folk On!!  Anyone who knows me will tell you I am never lost for words….until now!!  Listening to, literally, everyone in The Three Horse Shoes singing “I’m in love with a Morris Dancer” and joining in with gusto to the “Ernie, my pet slug” song, has gone way beyond one of my best festival moments and made it into the “as long as I live I’ll never forget that” category. I bet you there are plenty of people there that will say the same. We sang, we laughed, we laughed some more until we cried, we were absolutely rammed to capacity. We know it was so busy some people couldn’t get in – for which we can only apologise but who was to know that “Folk-On” was the new rock and roll. Thank you Folk-On for giving us, as predicated, an “I was there when…” Monmouth Festival moment.

Did you know by the way, that we at The Three Horse Shoes have the only fairy lighted bucket in the festival?? We spare no expense you know 😉  Sooooo….we hope you won’t when we ask you to please give generously to help fund these amazing acts.

Talking of amazing, tonight (Thursday) is one we have been looking forward to as a number of venues and festival have been amazed by George Montague who is with us for the second half of our evening. His piano driven trio are set for huge success in the future and I have a feeling we will one day be especially pleased to say we had George Montague play Monmouth Festival.
Sadly the opening act as billed for this evening, Sam Eden, is really unwell with practically no voice to talk let alone sing. We wish him all the best with his recovery but unfortunately he won’t be with us. Now, it’s always tough programming the stages, we started many months ago. (Another reason we hope you might recognise the time and effort put in by buying T-shirts, wrist bands, and filling the bucket!) Lots of difficult choices are made and deciding on tonight’s replacement act was one of them. Having been asked by so many to see Harry Jones again, who played at The Green Dragon the other day, we have decided to re-bill Harry at The Three Horse Shoes tonight. This time you can expect his set to give the opportunity for more of his self-penned work and we hope this will give him a chance to show a slight different side to his work that you will really enjoy.

I can’t wait to see these acts and once again we are delighted to have such great musicians with us. I hope you will join us, support us, and have another cracking night at The Monmouth Festival Fringe Stage at The Three Horse Shoes tonight! ……..

…….Oh, and in the meantime I know what you’ll be singing if you were there: Folk-On !!! 😉


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