A view from backstage – Nobody leaves the stage without singing the blues! Paul’s day 7 blog

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I’m a huge fan of the blues. In fact the first music I bought was a cassette titled Boom boom boom by John Lee Hooker, it’s where my love of music started and last night I was reminded of those days trying to strum out walking bass lines in my attic.

Thursday night on the main stage saw two fantastic blues groups rocking our world with tales of sad happenings and throaty vocals. Red River Blues came all the way from neighboring Herefordshire to perform for the somewhat packed Blestium Street car park. What a show, and what great musicians. The band were tight and as I said the vocals had that husky throaty seriousness that we expect from a professional blues outfit.

Towards the end of the set I headed backstage to have a quick chat to the John Amor Blues Group and prepare them for the gig. I have to remark on how well they were dressed, this was a bunch of youthful trendy musicians who were ready to storm the stage. Add to that the slightly more experienced namesake and lead singer of the band Mr John Amor and I was excited to see what these guys could do.

They started really strong, so strong in fact that I bought there CD before they had finished their first song. A good investment especially as a percentage of the funds raised from the sales goes towards the Festival fund. These guys really knew how to work a crowd but their specialty was simply singing the blues, and looking great whilst they did it.

All in all one of my favorite nights of the festival, and nobody should leave the stage without singing the blues, except me of course, because we can’t refund donations 😉

Thanks again to all who helped out by putting coins in our buckets, it means we can return next year and do it all over again for the 31st time.


Thanks to Emma Cheshire-Jones of ECJ Photography, Steve Mitchell of Stephen Mitchell Photography, and Paul Bond of Purabelleza Photography.


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