Opportunities for businesses


Businesses like yours have helped make Monmouth Festival happen for the last 30 years. Check out our fantastic 2012 supporters.

Help us to continue: and get great exposure for your business, reaching tens of thousands of potential customers through advertising in our programme or on our nightly live screens.

Opportunities for your business:

• get your message across repeatedly to tens of thousands of people through live‐screen advertising beside the outdoor stage (40,000 attendances over the week) and/or advertising in our programme, distributed throughout the town and picked up by 17,000 people

• get exposure for your business in local media through ‘in kind’ donations and mutual PR opportunities, as well as associated online/social networking stories

• associate yourself with one of the best-loved brands in Monmouth

Download our prices/rate card – prices from just £40!

What Monmouth Festival/ Gŵyl Trefynwy offers your business and the community:

• Profile‐raising for Monmouth and its businesses – online, in the media, and through word of mouth

• A 9‐day FREE music festival in venues across town – ranging from the the beautiful acoustics of St Mary’s Church to pub gigs to our fabulous outdoor stage, PLUS Carnival day – and a chance for community groups and businesses to promote themselves in the float parade

• An increase in customers and visitors – the festival is one of Europe’s biggest free music festivals, attracting around 40,000 attendances each year including domestic tourists, holiday makers, and nights out

• A chance to see fantastic local and national musicians from rock, classical, pop, folk, jazz, ska, punk and world music, including past chart‐toppers as well as rising stars. Last year, this added up to 37 FREE gigs–people would usually have to pay £15 upwards to see the headliners alone

Community pride – creating a celebratory feel in the town

• A platform for local musicians – and stepping stones to further opportunities for young musicians

Why we need your support:

• Without it, we couldn’t survive: the Festival is a non‐profit‐making organisation run by volunteers

• We have no regular source of income (we’re not ‘funded by the council’): we rely on donations during the festival, occasional small grants, and your advertising, sponsorship and in‐kind support

• There are fewer and fewer opportunities for festivals like ours to receive funding

Get great exposure for your business and support this amazing celebration of music, our community, and Monmouth –  download our prices/rate card – prices from just £40!

Download this letter as a pdf

Thanks for taking the time to read this,
Your Monmouth Festival Team

30 years and still going strong!


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