Lottie’s story

This was originally written for a different purpose, but we felt it was too good not to use in this section!

I volunteered for the festival for the first time in 2009 having seen an advertisement online. I’d wanted to be involved while I was at school but had been to shy to ask about it!

In 2010 I became Stage Manager three weeks before the festival and in 2011 not only was I Stage Manager but I also became a much more active member of the committee.

For 2012 I am Stage Manager again, which means that in the run up to the festival I deal with things like booking the cabins, getting keys to the car park barriers, hiring toilets, meeting with tech companies and trying my best to raise funds and recruit more people.

During the week of the festival I’m the main point of contact on site for all bands and their managers, I organise getting the stage to the car park and getting it up and running, I am part of the festival safeguarding (child protection) team and I try ensure that everything that happens onstage (from us powering up and checking the system when the car park closes at 6pm, to us packing away and turning the power off at the end of the night) seems effortless to all involved and looks professional when seen by the audience.

For the duration of the festival I essentially live on site as there are certain things that can only happen after 6pm/before 9am (in the past things have started from 5:30am!!!).

My favourite things about the festival are: seeing the carpark full of people dancing, laughing and having a wicked time; hearing bands exclaim when they come offstage that the atmosphere in Monmouth is better than at any festival they’ve ever played at EVER; knowing that I’ve done something to make Monmouth better!

The things I don’t like so much … Well … there’s only one really … People who don’t realise how much effort goes into putting on something as brilliant as the festival and moan about how they would do it better! If you reckon you can then PLEASE get involved!!!


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